SkyPark Express Club

Members of the SkyPark Express Club receive the following benefits:

Free Parking: Earn points each time you park that can be redeemed for free parking or car care services. One point is earned for each paid day. Points can be redeemed as follows:

  • 7 Points = One free day of parking
  • 7 Points = One free exterior only wash
  • 7 Points = One free interior only wash
  • 14 Points = Complete car wash
  • 42 Points = Wax (standard size vehicle)
  • 70 Points = Complete detail (standard size vehicle)

Guaranteed Reservations: You are guaranteed space available anytime you make a reservation 5 or more days before your check-in date.

Express Exit (optional): Register a credit card with SkyPark and when you call for a pick up at SFO, we will process your ticket while you are on the shuttle so your receipt will be waiting for you in your car.

Members Also Receive:

  • Faster check-in and check-out
  • Ability to view your parking receipts and points online
  • Ability to receive receipts via email

*Points not used within 2 years of being earned will expire.