SFO Short Term Parking at SkyPark

Short term parking instructions:

  1. When you arrive at SkyPark, you may present our SFO parking Coupon at check in or make a reservation before you arrive.
  2. Drive up to our covered canopy where a valet loads your luggage into a waiting shuttle.
  3. Five minutes later, you and your luggage arrive at the SFO airport terminal.

short term parking valet image

When you return from your trip:

  1. After you have claimed your luggage at the airport, call our toll free number at 1-800-244-PARK (7275), and give the operator your claim check number. Shuttles run continuously, but we ask you to call ahead so that we can have you car waiting for you up front when you arrive.
  2. Please wait on the departure level at the center island where the signs indicate “Off Airport Parking Shuttles.”
  3. Within minutes, a SkyPark shuttle will pick you up and bring you back to your waiting car.

short term parking shuttle image