SkyPark Reviews

What SkyPark customers are saying about us

At SkyPark, we pride ourselves on customer service and in making sure you get to and from SFO quickly and comfortably. Please take a moment to read these SkyPark reviews from so many of our happy customers!

  • “This was the first time I utilized your car wash service and I am very impressed. I called to explain that I lives in Santa Rosa and had ash from the fire in my car, well NOT ANY MORE!!! When I returned my car looked brand new. Please thank your hard workers who took care of my car and took away some of the sadness of our devastating fires. Everyone we came in contact with was very pleasant and helpful, especially the young woman who checked me out upon my return. Even though it was lat, she was cheerful, helpful and professional I do not remember her name but it was around 11 PM on December 9. She is a very good employee!!” Online review 12/13/17


  • “Love them! We used them for the first time in May. Quick and friendly service at 5am! And great service again at almost midnight! When most people are grumpy at these time, everyone was courteous which goes a long way! We will definitely be using them again!” Yelp review from Miranda S., 11/1/17


  • “Everything about our parking experience was super smooth. I prepaid, we were in and out within two minutes upon arrival. When we returned, the shuttle showed up before we even had a chance to call. I ordered the inside/outside car wash (not the full detail) and my car looks great (especially for only $35!). Definitely will use this parking again!” Yelp review from Chelle K., 10/25/17


  • “Definitely the only place to park when flying out of SFO! I fly weekly for work, and the staff are so friendly! They recognize me and my car every time I enter! Shuttles are very frequent, and if you have a frequent traveler account with SkyPark, when you return to your car (they valet all cars!), the receipt and your keys are waiting for you when you return from the airport. Can’t say enough good things about Skypark!” Yelp review from Kier L., 8/25/17


  • “Such fast service we could barely keep up! Timeliness with shuttles and such are always the concern when parking offsite and not wanting to wait forever for your ride back upon return. We arrived at SkyPark on a Sat afternoon and there was a shuttle waiting to take us right away. Literally parked the car and within 60 sec we were on a shuttle on our way to the airport. Super fast! We got back to SFO just after midnight on a Sunday night and texted SkyPark we were ready, the shuttle picked us up within 5 minutes! Pretty amazing. And the car was up front waiting for us when we got back, took another 60seconds to pay for the week of parking and we were on our way. Pretty flawless transaction and I will
    Always park here from now on.” Yelp review from Vanessa B., 6/26/17


  • “Very happy with this long term parking option for SFO. Each time I have arrived the shuttle is there ready to take me to SFO. It is very efficient to pull right up and have the shuttle literally next to where I drop my car off. Upon returning, the shuttle arrives quickly at SFO to bring me back to SkyPark. My car has already been around so I don’t need to spend time going to get it. I will continue to use this as my parking option whenever I fly out of SFO.” Yelp review from Michael P., 8/17/16


  • “Best place ever! Indoor valet. No standing outside in the hot sun or rain! Friendly staff, no long wait at the airport like some other lots and reasonable price! Now my number one place to park when traveling out of SFO! Thanks SkyPark, your great!” Yelp review from Nancy M., 8/1/16


  • “I’ve used this business twice now and have had very good experiences both times. I’ve been able to find coupons each time and they’ve never charged over the quote that I received online. The shuttles are timely and my car is ready when I return. We had a really early flight and they even had free donuts and coffee out. I will continue to use this service for sure.” Yelp review from Tracey D., 7/24/16


  • “Like other fans have said– you arrive and the shuttle is waiting to take you to the airport. You just leave your keys with the valet. On your return, call to alert the drivers you are ready to be picked up, give them your valet number, and in a matter of minutes the shuttle turns the corner to get you back to your car. Paying is efficient. It’s the only place near SFO that I will park.” Yelp review from Jen M., 6/14/16


  • “Finally! We have found an off-site parking lot near SFO that meets all our best expectations. SkyPark’s service is fast, convenient, courteous and reasonably priced. From now on, this is our go-to lot.” Yelp review from Jill K., 6/6/16


  • “I love them. Freggin lifetime customer. Always friendly. Buses leave like clockwork. Being a member let’s you skip the paperwork. And I left a suit in the shuttle, they kept it while I was away and put it in my car when I returned. If you want something fairly priced, efficient and friendly stick with these guys. The others are fairly inconsistent except prknfly. Bonus: donuts and coffee in the morning.” Yelp review from David S., 4/25/16


  • “We park here every time we fly from SFO and love it. Just drive up, they park your car and there is a shuttle there already waiting to get you to the airport. You tell them when you fly back in and they have your car waiting in front when you get back! Never had to wait more than a couple minutes for the shuttle back from the airport either. Best place to park your car. Almost forgot….they have complimentary donuts and coffee in the morning!!!.” Yelp review from Brianna B., 4/6/16


  • “Sky Park has excellent customer service. My girlfriend parked there and didn’t mention to use my points for the stay. I was able to call today and easy have the credit issued with zero hassles. The guy was super nice and quick. I have used them for years and will continue to after this experience. I will agree with some of the other reviews in that the drivers seat always seems to be adjusted in strange way but I would rather have that then have them put it into a wall because they were not in a good driving position. My only other issue would be the shuttle bus frequency on the pick up could be better, that could just be my luck though. In general they are better than the others in my experience. Good job Sky Park team.” Yelp review from Mark G., 10/5/15


  • “We had picked SkyPark because they had marginally better Yelp reviews than the many other Park-and-Shuttle lots near SFO. We were driving on the highway on our way to the airport, when a rock hits our windshield and leaves a giant crack. We’re talking about “being concerned about the entire windshield shattering if something else hits it” level of crack here. At this point, we’re a bit freaked out because we know we need to get the windshield fixed (because the car is not really drivable as is), but also having to catch a plane to NYC (to attend a family funeral no less. It was not the best day for us…). On a long shot, we called SkyPark (from the road) to see if they could take our car to an auto body shop when we were gone and get the windshield fixed. And they TOTALLY DID and were really great about it to boot. We got the windshield completely replaced over the weekend, at a lower price than we expected, and SkyPark only charged us $10 for the service. It feels like you always take a risk with this kind of place (since, again, you could choose to park valet at SFO itself for like 5x the cost). But we had a great experience here and SkyPark really went above and beyond to help us out.Yelp review from Weiyi G., 7/9/15


  • “You can’t really expect much from airport parking but this is as good as it gets. I’ve parked there many times and have never had a problem. You never have to wait very long for a shuttle and they’re very clean. Plus, they’re the best rate I’ve found; unless you park in a hotel lot. The best part is the donuts and coffee! You have to have a morning flight to get this treatment. My pick of donut almost makes up for having to get there at 5am.” Yelp review from M.L., 6/5/15


  • “Since I do not travel for work, I use them whenever I go on vacation.  It is so EASY!  You drop your car, hop on the shuttle to the airport.  Upon arrival, call or text them when you have your bags and walk up to their pickup location (above baggage claim).  They pick you up, drop you off, pay the cashier and boom!  done!  very fast and convenient.  I highly recommend this business!” Yelp review from Katie M, 3/23/15


  • “I have parked here about 5 times during the past few years and have been impressed each time.  It differs from other places I have tried as you just need to pull up near the entrance and not have to drive up/down aisles to find a spot. Second, the shuttle to the airport has always been ready to go in just a matter of minutes. Upon return, they will pick you up at SFO upon request and has never taken more than 10 minutes.  Finally, parking is inside.  My car isn’t dirty when I return.  All in all, good and friendly customer service!”  Yelp review from LP,  3/5/15


  • “The most awesome place to keep your car when you travel, As a frequent traveler I always use skypark to take care of my baby. They always take such good care of it and it’s always ready to go when I get back. I am always promptly picked up and taken back to the lot which is huge to me!!  and make sure to grab a donut and coffee when you arrive always fresh and hot !! I would never park anywhere else.”  Yelp review from Chris S,  1/10/15


  • “Love these guys.  Have been using them for close to 18 years now.  Almost as good as having some fancy schmancy guy in a limo outfit standing there with you name as you exit the airport.  Only I hate my name being seen by everyone, so this is better. I use them several times a month.  They have inside and outside parking options as well as a loyalty program which earns you free parking.  I use the free nights for personal vacations.   Only a 5 minute drive from the airport, if you use the auto-payment program you can be in your car and on your way home within  15 minutes of deplaning.  I’ve NEVER had a problem and I trust them more than a valet at a fancy restaurant. For early morning flghts they have coffee, donuts and newspapers.” Yelp review from Erik H, 5/1/14


  • “My husband and I love that you offer electric vehicle charging. I choose your parking garage specifically because of it for all our trips. We are a two electric vehicle family and I have a Nissan Leaf with a range that would not allow me to get all the way to SFO and back to our home in the East Bay without a charge. In addition, your service is prompt, friendly, and reliable. We liked you back when we had gas vehicles and now we love you. Thanks, SkyPark!”  SkyPark survey from customer, 2/11/14


  • “Love that you can text them when you land and they will pick you up and have your car waiting for you.” Yelp review from Julia G., 2/3/14


  • “Whoa, what’s this? A really good, reasonably-priced parking option at SFO?? Will miracles ever cease.  My usual spot at Anza was full over Christmas, so with some trepidation we went with SkyPark. Boy did they exceed expectations (which were admittedly very low):
      – Web site reservations were a breeze. Took all of 5 minutes, after spending an hour with everyone else. SkyPark was the only web site to immediately total up my bill, including AAA discount (make sure you use it). Everyone else played coy with the total price.- Arrived and was immediately met by an attendant. Dropped off the car (valet parking is the only option), grabbed a decent cup of coffee, got on the bus, and was inside SFO within a few minutes. I usually reserve a half hour for this. Wow.
      – Getting back was just as easy. Called the number on the ticket as I exited the plane, met the waiting van outside, back to SkyPark in a few minutes where the car was already waiting for us
      – Quick, extremely friendly checkout (no line, but maybe because it was early in the morning). An actual friendly human being behind the counter. They were more organized than I was, and that’s saying something.
      – Overall, this was the most efficient and hassle-free experience I’ve had at any SFO parking. And with the AAA discount, the price is right.” Yelp review from Tony L., 1/4/2014


  • After a ten hour flight, I arrived exhausted. After driving over and hour to make it home
    I didn’t discover I left a bag at Sky Park that had gifts and my passports!
    I got a call from Sky Park letting me know they had my bag. I didn’t even realize I left it behind.
    They arranged for all of my documents and gifts to be shipped to me!
    Susan was the best. Sky Park has my business!” Yelp review from Cindy H., 6/24/13


  • Totally quick and convenient, especially since I arrive and depart on 280. I have used them twice in the past two months and never had to wait more than 3 minutes at any time for a shuttle.” Yelp review from TH R., 6/7/13


  • They were the epitome of efficient. Check-in process was super quick and we were on the shuttle within 3 minutes. Pick-up was so efficient as well. Just call them, give them your ticket# and they picked us up within 2 minutes. Such a smooth experience all the way from making the reservation to picking up my car to leave. Would definitely use them again.” Yelp review from Diana Y., 5/28/13


  • Very happy with my service with SkyPark. The car washes are beyond expectation. I have an older car and they make it look really clean. I will continue to get car washes when I park. They always have my car ready when I return from a trip. Couldn’t be happier with the service.” Janet, 5/13/13


  • I can’t find anything to complain about. We arrived early morning to find coffee and donuts waiting for us outside. The shuttle arrived minutes later, and we arrived at the airport quickly. On the way home, I just texted my ticket # to the provided number and within minutes was picked up on the curb. My car was waiting outside, and checkout was quick. I’ll definitely use this place again when flying out of SFO!” Yelp review from Sara B., 2/21/13


  • Have parked at SkyPark many times. Good access from 280 & 101. Shuttle bus fleet new; always clean. Drive into the covered arrival area and attendant greets you; leave your keys and literally a few steps away is the shuttle. Airport is maybe 3-5 minutes away. It’s as easy as that. When returning, call or text the number on your claim tag and go to the blue striped curb on the upper level at SFO for pickup – your car is waiting for you when you arrive back at SkyPark. I love the convenience!” Yelp review from R.C., 2/20/13


  • As always SkyPark took good care of us and our truck.” Yelp review from Dianna M., 6/18/12


  • Whenever I travel out of SFO with my friend, he uses this place. They’re always pretty reliable and provide quick service (it also helps that he has an account already set up). The shuttle is usually pretty efficient and gets you to and from the airport in a timely manner.” Yelp review from Leana L., 5/23/12


  • Safe, convenient, efficient, friendly pretty much sums up my experience with SkyPark. It was very nice also that I started my vacation here and got to break my diet with one of their donuts! Never had to wait too long for the shuttle either coming or going. I took advantage of the option to text for my vehicle and it was waiting for me. Thank SkyPark. Great job!” Yelp review from Patrick G., 3/27/12


  • Absolutely awesome parking garage. They valet and there is fresh coffee, donuts, and fruit free for you. Competitive rates and when you are waiting for your bags at SFO call ahead and they will have your bag waiting for you.” Yelp review from Joe A., 10/24/11


  • My first SkyPark experience was terrific – here’s why I recommend them. I went online, found a deal and arrived on a tight schedule. They got me to the airport in about 5 minutes and I was on my way. On the way back, I used their text messaging system to call for a ride (after midnight on a Friday) and the shuttle was there in minutes – they had my car pulled out up front and again I was on my way. For less than the cost of a cab in one direction. Great job, SkyPark! If only I could say the same for the people at the airline I flew!!” Yelp review from Jonathan S., 10/24/11


  • We parked at SkyPark for the first time a couple of weeks ago and the whole experience could not have been any better. As soon as we got there someone took care of our car and we were on the shuttle within 5 minutes. Coming back we were delayed and did not arrive at SFO until 1:30 am. Called SkyPark and had to wait for maybe 5 minutes. Our car was waiting for us by the time the shuttle entered the facility. We definitely will continue parking there.” Yelp review from Andrea K., 10/22/11


  • I am a usual customer here at SkyPark, and I have got to say as a business woman’s perspective, you have overall the speediest valets and most humble and service oriented cashiers out there. I have been parking here for almost 20 years.Let me comment on your employees, since I am in awe with a few of them, as a trainer for customer service agents in the western region of the US. As a frequent parker here, I have noticed a few valets, drivers and cashiers, but there are some that do deserve some recognition, even if it is from one customer!I always come in the morning to park my car and leave, and here comes a valet checking me in it’s always the same one that helps me, I finally remembered his name Oscar, very open and bright your boy. He always asks me when I’m coming back and what kind of parking I would like, and offers me some coffee, socialize just a tiny bit to get my flying jitters settled. I love this lad.Your bus drivers, namely the only one I can tell with braces, I have not got his name yet, but I am certain to ask next time. I love how they have their little name tags with their pictures, very professional. Helps me with my luggage on and off the shuttle, all the time, sometimes I even wait for him to shuttle me to SFO. I would say that the road is a little too ragged, but it isn’t the companies fault since that isn’t on the lot itself.Your cashier, Shane, as far as I can say is one of the most humble and customer service oriented ones I have ever met. Seems to be the only one working, whenever I arrive from a trip. I was last in line and from what I can see, he smiles and greets the customer with and open mind. Answers questions they have with grace, and what really bought me, he is speedy and directs customers with accuracy. He also points with an open hand, unlike others who point with their finger, a true sign of old fashioned customer service. VERY SATISFIED. This place gets 5 stars from me. I have recommended this place to friend and business partner alike. I love this place.” Shirley, 4/19/2011


  • I was extremely impressed when they promptly got my handbag which i had forgotten in my car. Extremely attentive and customer focused. Five Stars.” Deepak, 2/22/11


  • I’m very happy with your business and the service I received. I was referred by a friend and greatly appreciate knowing about you now. The online reservation process was easy, and when my flight was initially cancelled after I’d already parked with you, it was fantastic that you didn’t charge me. I was happy to come back the next day to park for my rescheduled flight and tell my friends about how happy I was with your service. That never would’ve happened at the airport parking lot! I also particularly appreciate the safety of parking with you and shuttle driver/ attendants nearby vs. walking alone across the dark long-term parking at SFO. My return flight was delayed by 4 hours and arrived in at 2:30 in the morning, but the shuttle driver took only a few minutes and the attendant was there to check me out and bring my car around despite the late hour. Thank you!!” Teresa, 2/7/11


  • I had a wax job on my car this past Saturday – Sunday, 1/22/11-1/23/11. The quality was excellent and you got out a stubborn piece of tree sap or some other cumbersome substance that I couldn’t get off on my own. Please pass along my thanks to the person(s) who did this job. Whenever I look at my car, I appreciate their excellent job.” Jeffrey, 1/25/11


  • On my most recent trip, while I was on the shuttle to the airport I realized I left my cellphone in my car. The shuttle driver immediately called & had my phone sent with the next shuttle driver, which only took 10 minutes. This is an example of continued excellent service.” Anonymous survey response, 1/4/11


  • I have always been pleased with the service I receive from SkyPark. I love not having to park the car and drag my luggage a long distance to a shuttle bus, and I love having my car right there after I pay on my return. I usually don’t have to wait more than a few minutes for the shuttle to pick me up at the airport (this time it was a long wait, but I feel that was due to numerous Thanksgiving travelers rather than poor service). I also enjoy getting free parking with member points…easily accrued versus other facilities that make it almost impossible to get any free perks if you are a leisure traveler. All in all Sky Park is my favorite parking facility.” Ruth, 11/30/2010
  • You all run a first-class operation, which is why I always come back to you. The attendants are always courteous, helpful and prompt, and the facilities are great, the coffee (and the donuts in the morning) are really appreciated, and everything is always excellent, thanks for that.” Anonymous survey response, 11/29/2010


  • There are so many different choices in parking when flying out of SFO. I have tried several other parking lots by SFO but, so far, this is the one that offers the best frequent parking program, friendly staff, and frequent bus pickups at the airport. You can use your frequent parking points towards free parking days, standard car washes, interior cleaning, and full-on detailing. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.” Yelp review from Joe K., 11/23/2010


  • I used to travel extensively for work and enjoyed using your parking services – you are the best! I only travel for pleasure now, but still enjoy using your services. I guess I could look for less expensive, but, it is not worth it to me! The bus driver saw me running when he had already taken off and stopped for me – that was great and I appreciated it.” Patricia, 11/16/2010


  • I am exceptionally impressed with the level of professional competence and courtesy exhibited by your company. We were talking about it on the way home from the airport last night. I would have no hesitation using your service again in the future and also recommending you to others!!! ” John, 10/25/2010


  • These guys are efficient and friendly. When you arrive, someone will come and greet you and begin the sign in process. There’s a shuttle usually waiting, or if not there will be one in under 5 minutes. Everything is so go-go-go, but they find the time to help you out. They have a loyalty plan, so every time you go you can rack up points and get free carwashes, detailing, even free stays. Best part is, when you arrive (granted you have your ticket stub with you still) the shuttle comes on time and doesn’t drive you through the massive parking lot looking for cars. They bring you right to the front of the building and your car is waiting for you right there. Oh, on a completely side note. One time when we arrived from our flight, I noticed that one my tires was a little flat. Without me asking, one of the guys came running out with a mobile air compressor and helped me pump up the tire and check my other tire pressure. Unfortunately, before I could thank/tip the guy he had ran back into the back office to continue his work” Yelp review from Eddie Y., 10/6/2010


  • I used this place when I had to fly out on a recent business trip. Great service, fast, and well-priced. Took my car when I got there and loaded me in the shuttle. Called when I landed in SFO, they picked me up and had my car ready when I got there. Took off after I paid and there was no hassle. They even have a frequent parker program!” Yelp review from Munjal M., 8/31/2010


  • I’ve parked here twice now and have been happy with the service. Drop off is quick and easy and the shuttle gets you to the airport fast. Getting the pick-up shuttle has never been a problem either. You also have the option for services, such as car wash and oil change. I utilized the car wash last time and they did a great job. I think I will make this my parking place from now on.” Yelp review from Carolyn D., 8/5/2010


  • This is my go to business for long term parking at SFO.I reserve and prepay for my spot via the internet to receive at least 20% off the regular prices. I’m always running late when departing so when I pull into the drive way, someone is already taking my info to check my car in. They make 2 stops at the domestic terminal and 1 at the international terminal so you’re not taking a grand tour of the airport. When you arrive home, a simple phone call to request for a pick up and to pull your car out to the front as you arrive. The drivers are nice and always willing to help you with your luggage. They also offer car washes and oil changing service while you’re away. I haven’t taken advantage of the extra services but it sounds convenient.” Yelp review from Christine T., 6/28/2010


  • These guys are great! I left my cell phone in my car and only realized this after we were halfway to SFO. They called back and another shuttle brought over my phone…Very happy with the service here and would go here again.” Yelp review from Reid Y., 5/21/2010
  • Wanted to write to thank you for your great service. Excellent work. Had a great experience with you.” Anonymous survey response, 4/7/2010


  • Zero effort needed to get to the shuttle. Easy to pay. Friendly and helpful staff. And they told me about the AAA discount. Wish I had discovered this option a year ago.” Yelp review from J.F., 4/5/2010


  • Keep up the great service! You sure make my life easier knowing I can drop my car and rush to catch my flight. It’s great knowing your car is safe.” Angela, 3/9/2010


  • I must have used this service about a dozen times. They always have a constant flow of shuttles running — you’re off to SFO within 5 minutes of arriving. When you land, they pick you up quickly as well. I’ve arrived as late as 2am and I’ve never waited longer than 10 minutes from calling for a pickup. Save yourself the hassle and use SkyPark.” Yelp review from Jed M., 2/22/2010


  • While location and price were important, hours I could retrieve my car was a major concern. Arriving very late at night, I appreciated the quick service. The shuttle picked me up minutes after I called, paying was easy and my car was ready to go.” Tammara, 1/11/2010


  • Great service will certainly use it again…” John, 8/18/09


  • I could not be happier with your service. Everything was prompt and courteous. Bravo!!!!” Robert, 8/9/09


  • Drop off was extremely easy and shuttle took us immediately to the airline departure terminal. Easy pick up, prompt and friendly. Car was waiting and payment was processed quickly.” Amanda, 7/20/09


  • On both the outbound and inbound trips, we walked right onto the shuttle; the driver carried our bags onto the bus, and our car was waiting and ready when we arrived at the lot. Super service.” Lois, 7/9/09


  • I love SkyPark! Always feel secure leaving the car there and it’s so convenient. The drivers are helpful and know when I am in a hurry. The staff is always good about having a driver come quickly for the airport pickup, too. I travel at least once a month and this service is essential for saving time and money.” Yelp review from Damien, 7/9/09


  • Very quick pickup, flawless experience, and pretty cheap.” Yelp review from Hugo, 6/26/09


  • I recently had my car washing and waxed at your parking facility. Someone did such a good job of cleaning my car that they located two items I thought were lost: a pair of sunglasses and my wedding rings. I am so grateful to have my wedding rings back (I’ve been married 38 years). I don’t know if these items were found when the car was being vacuumed or detailed but I would like the employee(s) acknowledged for their honesty. We have parked at Skypark SFO for many years and will continue to do so.” Diana, 6/11/09


  • I used SkyPark for the first time last week and had a wonderful experience. The employees were kind and helped me thru the process as a first-timer. I had a quick 2 day trip to Las Vegas for business and ended up saving my company and client on my parking charges, I typically take a taxi from home (SF). I will definitely use them again in the future as it was so seamless and effortless.” Yelp review from Kim, 6/10/09


  • We’ve become regulars of SkyPark and love it.” Jakob, 6/9/09


  • Wonderful! I will definitely use your service again. Great price and great service. Thank you!” Anna, 6/3/09
  • I really appreciated the friendly customer service from all your staff! Everyone went up and beyond to make the parking transition most excellent!!!” Lisa, 6/2/09


  • Great service, good price, earn free days, helpful employees, plus this facility is probably the closest private lot to SFO. I’ve been parking at SkyPark ever since moving to SF in the early 90s, approximately once every 4-6 wks for weekend trips (for longer trips, I use car service to get to/from SFO).” Yelp review from G R., 5/15/09